Grenadins of veal, green lentils and creamed ceps


For 4 people

250 g of green lentils from Le Puy

1 carrot

1 onion

100 g of porcini mushrooms

90 g of fat

30 cl of white poultry stock

2 tablespoons of light cream

Salt, pepper

4 veal grenadins

preparation of recipe

Peel and wash the carrot. Cut it into brunoise. Peel and slice the onion. Clean the ceps. Cut them into slices.

In a casserole, melt 20 g of butter, sweat the onion, add the lentils and the carrot. Moisten with the white poultry stock. Cook for 25 minutes at low temperature (or 17 minutes in a pressure cooker).

Brown the ceps for 5 minutes in 20 g of butter over high heat, add the cream. Make a reservation.
Pan fry grenadins to desired doneness.

Serve immediately, accompanied by lentils and creamed porcini mushrooms.

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