how to choose your green lentils of Le Puy

The Green PUY Lentil is the only lentil to benefit from the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin). The PDO guarantees the origin of the product as well as the respect of a specification.

There are a few tips to make sure you buy Green PUY Lentils PDO:

  • Make sure that the name of the product is: ” Lentille Verte du Puy PDO “. Beware that not all green lentils are from Le Puy
  • Check for the presence of the red and yellow PDO logo or, failing that, the words “Protected Designation of Origin”.
  • If the lentils are sold in bulk, there is no real guarantee that they are PDO Green PUY Lentils
  • It goes without saying that the Green PUY Lentil must have a French origin!

Only 3 companies are authorized to package the Green PUY Lentil PDO under their own brands or on behalf of third parties such as distributors’ brands

To buy the Green PUY Lentil PDO, go to your usual general or cooperative food stores, or to specialized delicatessen stores, or to farmers’ markets, or to the Internet. In all cases, check for the presence of the PDO logo and the indication Green PUY Lentil.

Want to cook green lentils of Le Puy

Discover many recipes based on Green PUY Lentil, whether as a starter, a hot dish or a dessert, there is something for everyone…