The combined effect of know-how and terroir gives the Green PUY Lentil its unique and exceptional qualities.

The foehn effect precipitates the maturity of the lentil and thus disrupts the vegetative cycle of the crop. Thus, the seed does not go to full maturity and therefore the skin of the seed is thinner than other lentils. This thinner skin allows for quicker cooking without soaking. We also note that the almond is not floury which gives the Green PUY Lentil PDO a fine and delicate taste.

The know-how of the producers and packers also allows to have a high quality product. The producers ensure that the harvest is carried out at the right time and the packers work with precision to ensure that the lentils are visually and tastefully impeccable.

The Green PUY Lentil PDO has become the reference in terms of gastronomy. The greatest chefs in the world sublimate it and make it discoverable, but it is also invited on family tables that delight young and old.

Health Food

A real “living seed”, a staple food for many champions, the Green PUY Lentil is an excellent nutritional vegetable often compared to a “vegetable steak” (especially if it is accompanied by cereals, including bread).

Promoting a better dietary balance, the Green PUY Lentil perfectly associates, by its originality and its taste, the pleasures of the table, with the search for form and health.

Some nutritionists even claim that the consumption of dried vegetables, including the Green PUY Lentil, contributes to lowering cholesterol levels. (Ref. Claude Aubert “Fabulous legumes”). The French Committee for Health Education (C.F.E.S.) advocates the consumption of dried vegetables several times a week.

Reservoir of life and energy, the Green PUY Lentil is rich in proteins (basic food, constituent of the muscles), in carbohydrates(energy food), in minerals (essential to the good functioning of the body).

Compared to other lenses, it has a lower integument/total weight ratio.

The Green PUY Lentil is :

  • less rich in starch and therefore less floury

  • richer in minerals, sweeter, therefore tastier

  • richer in trace elements and therefore essential to the body.

Most of the energy provided by the Green PUY Lentil comes from carbohydrates of slow use.

Associated with dietary fiber, they are opposed to the notion of “empty calories” so denounced by nutritionists.

Today’s diet often suffers from a lack of vitamins and minerals.
The consumption of Green PUY Lentils contributes to correct this deficiency.