Like all great wines, the Green PUY Lentil has its own brotherhood of “Knights” who defend the jewel of the Vellave tooth and nail. They enthrone the defenders of the French culinary tradition of which the Green PUY Lentil is a jewel.

Prestigious inductees: Paul BOCUSE, Bernard LOISEAU, Georges BLANC, Gérard KLEIN, Jacques MAILHOT, Régis MARCON, Michel ROTH, Vincent Ferniot ….

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An original place alongside producers and professionals

– May and September 1995: 12 Founding Knights, one birth and one baptism

– 2002 : 18 Knights in habit, convinced defenders of the Green PUY Lentil, anxious to bring back its history and to praise its virtues

Nearly 200 Knights of Honor

– A very symbolic costume with green colors, with a collar of Dentelle du Puy extended by a tin medal struck with a strand of lentil on a background of the city of Puy-en-Velay

– A charter to respect to enter the Green Brotherhood

– An oath of honor and friendship, pledge of loyalty to the Green PUY Lentil

To contribute to the reputation of the Green PUY Lentil

– To actively participate in the promotion of the Green PUY Lentil

To make known and appreciate in an original way this marvelous product of the Haute-Loire region

Dialogue with consumers to explain tirelessly what the Green PUY Lentil is

Bringing together all the enthusiasts and lovers of the first A.O.C. (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) vegetable

– To honor, as Knights of Honor, men and women recognized for their professional, associative, sporting commitment

A communication dynamic

– An annual Chapter, an opportunity to discover the Pays de la Lentille Verte

– A presence at the Chapters of the friendly Confraternities, alongside the products of the Terroir and the Taste of the French Regions

– Participation in local events, with the induction of Knights of Honor

Travels all over France for fairs, shows, parties, culinary events …