The management of the sector is ensured by thedefence and management organisation (ODG) of the Green PUY Lentil PDO. The ODG thus groups together all the actors involved in the production of lentils, from collection to sorting and packaging.

The ODG is an association under the law of 1901 which was created in 2008. The association is managed by a Board of Directors which elects a president. The sector has chosen a presidency that alternates between producers and collectors/packers.

The primary mission of the ODG is toensure the management of the PDO. This management consists in implementing all the necessary means in order to obtain a quality product for the consumers. For that, the ODG carries out various controls with the actors of the field in order to check the respect of the specifications. Thecertifying body also ensures that the rules are respected from sowing to packaging.

The ODG participates alongside the services concerned (INAO, Fraud Services), in the defense of the appellation. It does not hesitate to refer to the competent authorities when it discovers cases of fraud on theGreen PUY Lentil appellation.

Finally, the ODG also carries out actions for the development of the sector, through the implementation of experimentation and technical advice on the one hand, and promotion of the appellation on the other.

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