Salmon tartar with green lentils from Puy


For 4 people

For lenses
150 g Green Puy lentils
1 c. coffee Salt
1 Onion pricked with 1 clove
1 Bouquet garni
1 c. Coffee Mustard
5 cl Vinegar
10 cl Olive oil
6 leaf Tarragon
1 c. tablespoon chopped parsley
Salt and pepper

For the tartar
1 Lemon
1 Orange
320 g Fresh salmon
100 g Smoked salmon
1 Shallot
3 Medium pickle
12 Caper
1 c. coffee Chopped dill
5 cl Olive oil

For the orange vinaigrette
The juice of a lemon
5 cl Olive oil
The zest of an orange

preparation of recipe

1 For the lentils: Wash the lentils, cover them with two and a half times their volume of cold water with the salt, onion and bouquet garni. Bring to a boil and cook gently for 20 minutes: they should remain firm. Drain them.
2 Emulsify the mustard, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Pour over warm lentils, add tarragon and parsley.

3 For the tartar: Peel the lemon and orange with a peeler. Finely julienne the orange peel and dice the lemon peel into tiny pieces. l Squeeze the citrus fruits and reserve their juice separately. Plunge the peels into cold water and bring to a boil to blanch. Drain and let cool. Make a reservation.

4 Cut the fresh and smoked salmon into 5 mm cubes. Chop the shallot, pickles and capers. Add dill, zest, olive oil, lemon juice, a few drops of Tabasco and salt. Mix with salmon.

5 For the orange vinaigrette: Reduce the orange juice by three-quarters to a syrupy consistency. Whisk in the lemon juice and olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Add the orange zest.
6 To prepare: In the center of each plate, mold the tartar in a high circle to a thickness of 3 cm and level it off well. Cover it with lentil salad, pack it down, and remove the circle. Pour the orange vinaigrette and sprinkle with orange zest

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