Green Puy Lentil Dumplings with Provencal Flavors


For 4 people

100g of Green Lentils from Puy
50g of smoked bacon
1 tsp of tomato paste
5 basil leaves
15g of flour
Salt, pepper
10cl of sunflower oil

preparation of recipe

Step one:
Cook the lentils in a large volume of unsalted water. Meanwhile, brown the smoked bacon. Make a reservation.

Step two:
Drain the lentils, put them in the bowl of the blender, add salt, pepper and chopped basil, blend for a few moments. Add the teaspoon of tomato paste and mix. Check seasoning.
Add the flour, mix well again and finally add the bacon to the mixture.
Shape the meatballs into medium-sized balls if they are to be eaten as a dish or into small balls if they are to be served as an appetizer

Step Three:
In a frying pan, pour the oil and when it is hot enough, carefully place the meatballs and let cook for 5 minutes, turning them over.

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