We can classify lentils in five species Lens lenticula alef: plant of the Mediterranean regions – Lens Hotschyana Alef, plant of Mesopotamia – Lens nigricans Godr, plant of the Mediterranean regions – Lens Orientales Maud – Mazz, plant of Asia Minor and Central Asia – Lens esculenta Moench, cultivated plant, widespread in the world and divided into two subspecies: macrosperma and microsperma.

Among the microsperma, we shall retain the Puy lentil (lens esculenta puyensis bar). Since 1935, the green puy lentil has benefited from an Appelation d’Origine in accordance with the law of May 6, 1919. In 1996, the Green PUY Lentil obtained the AOC and in 2009 the European PDO.