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PDO : Guarantee of origin

The red and yellow logo of the PDO marked on the packages provides consumers the proof of origin of lentils.

PDO : Guarantee of origin

The Green Lentil from le Puy, which is already beneficiary of an AOC (registered designation of origin) obtains in 2009 the European PDO (Protected Designation of origin).
This new step offers our “vegetable caviar” a protection in all Europe and guarantee that all consumers can enjoy from the nutritional benefits of an exceptional product, which culinary value derives from their land of production.


Producers, collection and sorting services and packagers commit to adhere to strict specifications. The use of artificial fertilizers is strictly prohibited.
Adequate moisture and conservation requirements are monitored.
Ready to sail lentils undergo an organoleptic test carried out by members of a jury of experts. This test checks the quality of the marketable production.


During all these production stages, rigorous controls are carried out by the Designation's Defense and Management Body, but also by a third party certification body, to guarantee that specifications are strictly met.



The main points of the specifications



• Certified seed


• Obligatory crop rotation


• Use of fertilizers strictly prohibited


• Irrigation not allowed


• Humidity monitored for conservation outstanding properties


• Higher performance system for lentils sorting, very little dockage


• Product tracing


• Guarantee of Origin


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