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History of lentils

History of lentils

In Roman times



The lentils count among first plants cultivated by the man and you can find them in Auvergne since Roman times.


Archaeological excavations conducted in Saint Paulien have uncovered a Roman amphora filled with different varieties of seeds, among them lentils.


The cultivation of lentils was so reputed in our region, that 1930 the Russian botanist Helena Barulinda called this commonly cultivated variety of green lentils "Lens culinaris puyensis". 



Le Puy, Crossroads of dried vegetables.



The reputation of the Green Lentil from Le Puy attracted many traders and merchants in the department, so that the Haute-Loire became a crossroads of dried vegetables trade.


Nevertheless, some traders and merchants were not afraid to import lentils from Germany or Russia and to send them back with “Le Puy” label on. This fraudulent use of the city’s name of Le Puy- en- Velay has decided the undertaking to take action.


Thus, in 1935, a trial has given the Green Lentil from Le Puy the Designation of Origin status within the meaning of the act 1919.


This verdict made by the Civil Court of Le Puy was the beginning of a long road to protect and to add value to our Vellavian green pearl.


In 1996, the Green lentil from Le Puy is the first vegetable to be recognized as an AOC (registered designation of origin).


The following year, in order to celebrate the dedication of our Green pearl to the AOC level, Regis Marcon confronted Michel Roth from the “Ritz” restaurant on a free basis during a cooking competition to create 12 recipes sublimating the Green lentil from Le Puy, under the control of a jury of experts composed, among others, of Paul Bocuse, Bernard Loiseau or also of Georges Blanc.


In 2009, our vegetable caviar began finally to gain international renown with obtaining a European PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).



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